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Go RailFanning!
Why GoRailFanning and GoGeocaching?  Both hobbies share a common fellowship and enthusiasm (or, entusiasmo as
we say in Italian).  Both share finding just the right spot at the right time for the perfect rail spot, photo opp. or geocache.
Rail Caching Fun
Geocaches can be found almost anywhere  - the great outdoors from mountains to plains, from sunlit skies to frozen
forests; on almost any theme – puzzles, mysterious spots, geo anomolies, history spots, you name it.  Railroad history
can be found almost anywhere – the great outdoors crossing mountains to plains, and the great indoors; on almost any
color (livery) or theme (short line, main line, prototype.) Geocaches honor rail history, fallen flags and railroading centers.

Let’s Go GeoCaching For Rail History!
Rail Excursion Fun
Rail fun can be static, from museums to displays, with a hidden geocache treasure to seek..  But rail fun is also dynamic,
moving in time and space.
June 21, 2008 – Quanah Zepyr
The National Railway Historical Society 2008
Convention featured a rare mileage rail
excursion from Fort Worth to Quanah,
Texas. This gave the North Texas Chapter
(NRHS) members the chance for a job of
their dreams.  If just for a day, a long day of
carhosting on the rails.

The superb ride on the rails provided lots of
time for pleasant views, amiable chatter with
passengers, and inspirational moments.  
Here are a few sparks of wisdom gleaned
from Valli and Harry as to
the joys and
peculiarities of being Car Hosts For A Day.
Rail History Community
Rail enthusiast communities gather anywhere the rail runs – whether a line exists in memory, on the land, or in virtual
space – across regional, national and international  boundaries.
    Rail history is a legacy to us all – from childhood model train memories to trip adventures to the story of fallen
    flags, locomotive evolution, favorite lines and collections.  
    Rail history also embraces our clubs, associations and societies, from its activities and excursions, to research and
From the shining shores of the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, here is a look at the railroad history and activities of the
Midwest rail clubs. Enjoy reading about the rail excursion, preservation, and history activities of fellow rail enthusiasts!  
Newsletters from the
Chicago Chapter of the NRHS and the North Texas Chapter of the NRHS are made available
approximately 90 days after being distributed to members of their respective organizations.
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