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From Mike Swaney (Greenback)
Over the past eighteen month I've been listening to fellow geocachers
and trying to understand what the geocaching community wants from
an organizational perspective. I've learned a lot and then during a
conversation with a few folks from Wisconsin the various learnings
came together into an idea, one I hope many of you will appreciate.

At we embrace diversity recognizing that a diverse
group of people is more creative and productive. That's why we're
announcing our new Organization Partnership program. This new
program is intended to help different groups and organizations to work
together for the greater good of the sport of geocaching while retaining
and promoting their own independent identity.

In the near future you'll learn more about the opportunities for groups
and organizations to partnership with and the
benefits which you'll receive through the Organization Partnership
March 1, 2010
Geocaching isn't all about the numbers yet many geocachers enjoy
keeping statistics; tracking the number of caches they've found, how
many different geocoin icons they've logged, how many DNFs they
have, the percentage of traditional, multi-staged, micro sized and on on.

country and world has obtained permission from
Grand High Pobah to post links to which To help
you see where you stand compared to the rest of your state, contains
cacher rankings by country, by state and for the entire world. Visit our
Cacher Rankings page for more information.
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February 20, 2010
History - January 1, 2009 was born with a focus on working with the forest
preserve districts and events in the Chicagoland area.

Our very first event was Cheeseburgers in Paradise. This event
combined good food and good fun with a food drive for the Northern
Illinois Food Bank. Eighty-four folks turned out and we collected 476
pounds of non-pareshable food items for the food bank.

Cheeseburgers in Paradise was also our very first web page, it's
always fun to look back at the
beginnings of a web site.
March 21, 2010
Check out our new "Members of" logos for use
on your profile, cache pages and event listings. The "Members of"
logos are currently available with a blue or white background.

We've also started working on an Event Calendar page displaying
events within 150 miles of the headquarters of
(Downers Grove IL.). We've sent a request to Groundspeak for
permission and setup the month of March 2010 as a demonstration.
March 26, 2010 - Our all new Event Calendar page has been
authorized by Groundspeak. We're in the process of populating date
which has been updated through April. You'll find all events within 175 miles of our headquarters
(Downers Grove IL.), plus Mega Events as well as events which are
not listed on

March 21. 2010 - Check out our new
"Members of" logos for use on your profile, cache pages and
event listings. The "Members of" logos are currently available with a
blue or white background.
March 21-26,  2010
Friday Lunch Club Events
Friday Lunch Clubs got their start in the Southwest suburbs of
Chicago founded by Panther In the Den, Fed, Herbs2, and Eagle
Son. Since then versions of the Friday Lunch Club have appeared
in Elk Grove Village, Chicago Loop, northwest Indiana and the far
south side of Chicago. Visit our
event calendar to see when and
where the next Friday Lunch Club meets, everyone is welcome.
Looking for help sprucing up your Geocache pages? Check out
HTML Tips page for some changes you can make ranging
from changing your font color and font size to inserting images
and links to other sites and  much more.
Cache Page HTML Tips! - 2013
New Feature January 27, 2013 -  Geocaching Statistics
On May 3, 2000, a five-gallon bucket was placed in Oregon by
Dave Ulmer. He challenged others to find the stash and soon
after the coordinates were  listed on the internet and
modern-day geocaching was born. Soon geocaches were
popping up around the United States and soon after that
geocachers started looking at statistics.
Check out our new Statistics page which shares tools and
resources for a wide range of geocaching realated statistics.
Maybe you want to know what cache has the most favorite
points, or most finds? Maybe you want to know who has the
most finds in a state or country, or you want to know your
KARMA rating.
Train Fan Clubs & Geocaching
GoRailfanning brings together the interests of train
enthusiasts and geocachers into one exciting conjoined
adventure. This new adventure group is the combination of
ValliG, Matts Grand Dad, the Chicago Chapter of the NRHS
and the North Texas Chapter of the NRHS. Check out these
organizations newsletters archives, stories about railfanning
and learn how geocaching and railfanning can go hand in
hand within the
GoRailfanning site.
League of Extraordinary Geocachers
The League of Extraordinary Geocachers (LEGS) promotes
group geocaching and having fun!  LEGS is the oldest open
invitation group caching group in the Chicago area. Visit them
Facebook where you can learn about their next outing.